samsung users: i fucking hate the bixby button, i keep accidentally opening bixby
me, a genius: you fool's. now that i have rooted my phone and installed a custom ROM, i will simply rebind the bixby button to whatever i desire. now i have a dedicated camera button
me: i fucking hate the camera button, i keep accidentally opening the camera

@lynnesbian fuck bixby!! oh my god. the most useless thing ever. who the hell uses their "phone assistant". it was cool asking siri to beatbox for like a month in 2010 or some shit but who the hell uses it aside from that

@lynnesbian remap it to call the emergency services as an epic prank

I use it for the flashlight and a long press for camera

@lynnesbian curious, is that bxActions? I installed that when I got this but it had a warning that system updates would break it and I haven't bothered to keep it updated. I just adapted my grip to press the button as seldom as possible

me: where the hell are you finding fully functional custom roms for the note 9

i did manage to make the bixby button do nothing tho that rules

@lynnesbian i think its only international versions and there's none for the note 9 :(

@lynnesbian used an app to re-assign the Bixby button to the camera, but then it turned out I can call up the camera even when the phone is locked by dobule tapping the Power button. And now I can't think of anything to bind it to.

So it's just disabled and feeling useless for the moment.

@lynnesbian I've been thinking about getting a Samsung phone and installing LineageOS, but I live in the US and it seems like the US version of Samsung phones always have Snapdragon SoCs with locked bootloaders. How did you unlock the bootloader? Or do you live outside the US and are able to buy phones with Exynos CPUs without excessive shipping costs?

@lynnesbian lol first thing i unmapped. only use dbl tap and long press

@lynnesbian me, an intellectual: my phone doesn't even have a bixby button!

everybody talks about bixby but they forget about the original: S Voice:tm:

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