being a true anarchist means being against all forms of vertical hierarchy, including people who have too many followers

:brain1: officials having political power over others is an unjust hierarchy
:brain2: the admin/user dichotomy is an unjust hierarchy
:brain3: asking a programmer to code something for you is submitting to an injustice hierarchy
:brain4: someone being more popular than The Average Person is an unjust hierarchy
:brain5: alphabetically ordered names are an unjust hierarchy

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@lynnesbian Preinstalled vs installable packages are an unjust hierachy

@lynnesbian Did you just make a post using a hierarchy based meme?

some social orders are empowering, others are taking away the power of others to gain power over them.


:brain1: repeatedly increasing the level cap and invalidating existing gear is endless grind
:brain2: introducing new story content is endless grind
:brain3: having to reach max level in order to be max level is endless grind
:brain4: someone else having cooler-looking cosmetic items than me is endless grind
:brain5: my computer continuing to be able to boot is endless grind

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