america should agree to switch to metric, but use "meters" instead of "metres", and define one meter as 0.914 metres

liter instead of litre, amnp instead of amp, gramme instead of gram,

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replace bytes with an imperial equivalent

one bit ≈ 1 gobble. twelve gobbles to the crunch, eighty crunches to a swallow, four score and seven swallows to a meal, thrice five and two meals to a feast

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in a vacuum sealed container at a scientific facility in france, there is the model megabyte. a perfectly smooth ball of data that weighs precisely one megabyte, which all megabytes are based on

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the model megabyte was, unfortunately, subject to subtle weight variations over time. thus, it was replaced by a formula that can be used to calculate one megabyte exactly, using avacado's constant

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