why isn't the us administration working on improving

it looks absolutely disgusting

@lynnesbian they don't do anything except discriminate against mexican people

@lynnesbian huh i thought the big center part was flash because it took 3s to load, but apparently they managed even worse

@lynnesbian is the of government websites.

@lynnesbian I've been going to this website to set my clocks for two decades. :,-)

@lynnesbian I think my geocities page looked better than that.

Imo: add snowflakes.

@lynnesbian Oh my god the comic sans buttons

How can you say that, this website is perfect

@lynnesbian going to email every day pleading for them to let a high schooler replace it with a project they made for class

@lynnesbian what are you talking about that site is beautiful! :o

"Sun is shining in light region
It is night in dark region"

"Please send any comments or questions to:
However, due to the volume of email we receive, we cannot always respond to each one individually."
How many mails could a online clock possibly get?

And tbh with dot govs you either get broken and ugly or just ugly.

Giant conspiracy theory shitposting 


This is one of the reasons why I have trouble believing these claims of grand secret new world order conspiracies floating around everywhere.

The Government has trouble just making modern websites or websites that don't crash during moderate-high traffic volume ( anyone?)

If they can't even get web design right, what makes people think they could pull off all these grand plans (FEMA Camps, etc.) completely under the radar?

@lynnesbian pffft wow

i love it tbh

at this point it's kinda nostalgic

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