please switch the USB-C stick to side 2 to continue playback

funnily enough there's a lot of things like "digitally encoded VHS" or "copy-protected NTSC broadcast" that i'm consciously avoiding because they're actually real

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@lynnesbian write-only whiteboard (proprietary format by sharpie)

@lynnesbian oh we’ve got some of those in our office

[Picture: a sign on a white wall. The sign reads, “THIS IS NOT A WHITEBOARD WALL” in white text on a red background]

@lynnesbian wait

i'm no expert but i would guess that this is possible (though obviously a serious violation of the standard)

i don't have a USB C cable on me at the moment to check, and the only USB C port I could look at is attached to my phone, which is also my only flashlight. But I would assume the jack has more than one of each pin, connected to the same thing, so that it still works upside down. If that's correct, you could in theory just connect those pins to something else...

It definitely depends on the design of the port, but maybe........

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