funnily enough there's a lot of things like "digitally encoded VHS" or "copy-protected NTSC broadcast" that i'm consciously avoiding because they're actually real

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your PS1 save games have been encrypted, send us $300 in bitcoin

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requires intel or AMD processor with odd numbered firmware version

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@lynnesbian ...i read that like a bullet calibre, and my brain went "psh I prefer.45acp laserdisc"

@lynnesbian 16gb memory expansion for the commodore vic-20

@00dani @lynnesbian oh!!!! thank u!!!!! yes I am cutie and so are u!!

@lynnesbian i both love and hate this thread thank u lynne

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@lynnesbian it's just a cassette of Jonathan Coulton's album Solid State

@lynnesbian I kinda want to make a solid state compact casette. An SD-card reader, microcontroller, codec, DAC, and magnetic analog interface to the casette player. Power from a generator driven through the tape spool wheel. Control by the casette (fwd, rev, fast forward).

Too much effort and too niche but it would be a lot of fun.


in the very early days of the transition from black and white to color tv, scammers used to go door-to-door selling these three strips of clear plastic. the bottom strip was light brown, the middle strip was pale pink and the top strip was light blue.

the idea was, you'd tape it up on the black and white screen. and on average, peoples' faces would appear in the middle bit, so they'd be pink.

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