looking through my facebook archive from half a year ago and finding some cursed media

that time i built a "desk fan" out of a PC cooling fan and a bunch of rocks from the garden

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and here's the time molly chewed through a bunch of cables behind my computer :blobcatderpy:

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why did facebook have my call logs

not my facebook messenger call logs, just... calls from and to my phone

oh no

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...and why were there names assigned when i told it not to upload my contacts

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me: here's a photo i put on facebook two years or so ago, i made a desk fan with a computer fan. you can also see that i have a PC copy of fallout 4 on the desk (long after the demise of PC CD-ROM games), a running CCTV camera, a tangled mess of cables, and i'm even running windows!
random tech bros: lmao why did you used to use facebook

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person on fedi: my girlfriend and i have bene messaging back and forth for months now and we've finally gotten engaged! look at the elaborate dress she made for me! she's so wonderful ❤️
random tech bros: uhhhh you do know that facebook messenger spies on you

person on fedi: it took years of preparation, training, and research, but i'm finally here. i've conquered mount everest. i'm at the peak and i've never felt so proud of myself. i put some photos here: [link]
random tech bro: nice try, cuckerberg. i'm not clicking an instagram link and selling you my precious data

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absolutely disgusting that the freely available stream of the first person to walk on mars is being hosted by amazon, a company that steals your private data. why aren't they using a more free and open standard like RTSP, to display this content that is being viewed by over one billion people simultaneously on a wide range of devices

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genuinely what motivates a human being with access to the world wide web to interact by a post by a person they have never talked to before to admonish them for using facebook over one year ago. what makes someone think that it will be appreciated when they go out of their way to tell another user that they shouldn't have used the most popular service in the world at any point in their lives

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event coordination? simply host nextcloud and ask your friends to install compatible calDAV clients. facebook is unecessary. messaging? if your friends don't want to exchange device keys to ensure that your end-to-end encrypted matrix chat is secure, then are they even your friends?

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what's that? everyone at your school used facebook and you joined to communicate with them? herd mentality. "how am i supposed to talk to my friends", you ask? "my school posts updates to facebook that i wanted to keep up to date with"? you should have instead chosen to isolate yourself during your teenage years like i did

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yes i know you can just call people but if you have an event with ten people in it you have to call and individually invite ten people. and then if you decide to change the date or location or whatever you need to call all of them again

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imagine doing a conference call with 20 people in it instead of creating a group chat

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@lynnesbian imagine a conference call with all 19 people currently assigned the gw2 ranks in the discord...


@lynnesbian if you get a software job at a decent size corporation you could live that reality regularly

@lynnesbian ah yes, the wild techbro

"technology isn't for using or understanding! it's for lording over people and feeling really smug all the time. what's that? helping someone? why would i help anyone? i'm here to feel superior!"

@lynnesbian see also regional variants of the Techbroius Fuckboii:

T. Fuckboii, s. Macintoshii - "well you wouldn't be having this problem if you used apple like i do. they don't get viruses you know"

T. Fuckboii, s. Linuxus - "this is why you should just run linux! what do you mean you need accessibility and documentation? if you don't know how to do that you just shouldn't use computers, ugh!"

me: setting up music for the party
fedi: lol, enjoy your botnet

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