why would you ever use [consumer oriented service] when [service that requires vastly more technical knowledge to use] exists

laughing my fricking butt off at the people out here using microsoft word to lay out documents instead of spending a few months learning latex. rolling on the floor LOLing at the plebs who still use qwerty when dvorak offers 10% higher wpm after a year or two of training. absolutely losing it at the dunces using the earphones that came with their phone without so much as a single tube amplifier

absolutely losing my mind in hysterics screaming with laughter at the unwashed masses who don't spend months learning a programming language followed by years of mastering it and picking up experience with other languages along the way, working with code and individually discovering the benefits and drawbacks of various paradigms and ways of implementing functionality until they finally settle in to a development environment they feel comfortable with and work to attain an understanding of the underlying workings of their chosen operating system to do something this app does for free

lmao at any plebian using imperial time in the modern day and age. my smartwatch (which i made myself) tells me the time in unix timestamp format. what time is it, you ask? 1555688242. "what are you talking about", you reply. "why did you just quote a string of numbers." i smirk and turn away. you're not worth my time.

genuinely disgusted by anyone who doesn't listen to music by looking at a CD through a magnifying glass and decoding the MPEG audio in your head

the more popular a given technology is, the worse it is

loling and larfing at anyone who uses google play services instead of making sure to buy a phone with an unlockable bootloader, looking up a guide for unlocking said bootloader, installing a custom recovery partition, downloading and installing a custom ROM without gapps, installing microG, configuring the settings, looking up workarounds for popular apps that don't work with microG, completely avoiding other apps that don't work with microG, finding alternatives to all the apps they had previously installed from google play (i.e. every app they ever used) or using a custom third-party google play alternative to download and install the APKs for them (which doesn't work with paid apps),

and have fun with your reduced camera capabilities due to your phone manufacturer using proprietary camera firmware that are quite literally impossible to install on non-stock roms ;)

also if you bought the US version of your samsung phone you have to return it and hunt down the international version if you want an unlockable bootloader ;;;)))))

@lynnesbian Frankly, this is why communist-er alternatives that intend to imitate (and possibly improve upon) the look and feel of more popular products are so important.

Looking at you, Halcyon.

@lynnesbian tfw you don't ascend to the highest echelons of beings and become an unmoored noumena of pure vibration and still have to rely on such gross things as matter and time

@lynnesbian i listen to my vinyls like they're the musical equivalent of braille

@CyclopsCaveman sharpening my fingernail to a millimetre width and dragging it around a vinyl at the constant angular velocity of 33⅓ revolutions per minute and letting the sound resonate through my body

@lynnesbian @CyclopsCaveman i only listen to cassette tapes using my tongue as the read head, and electrodes attached to my armpits. it mostly just gives me uncomfortable electric shocks, but what are ya gonna do?


i put all of my CDs on the flatbed scanner and then import the image to audacity as raw audio, setting an offset to skip the bitmap header. the quality isn't as good, but clearly this method is superior.

@lynnesbian the only good technology has no users?
the purest life form is dead? ;)

A while ago I stuck LineageOS on my Samsung and heck, the camera thing is so true. The default camera app took like a full second to take pictures, and even though I've gotten a better one installed it still pales in comparison to the Samsung camera

@lynnesbian I will never, in my whole life, buy a cd that wasn't hand printed by an artisan with a laser pointer painting the track dots

@lynnesbian if you read all the CIRC bytes you're getting more for your money


CDs are technically a raw pcm stream, not mpeg encoded. you might be thinking of DVD.

@hj @xj9 i had just watched a video on video CDs which have MPEG audio so i got mixed up :p

@lynnesbian (this is a fantastic thread and i feel extremely appropriately called out

but also now i kind of want this watch)

@lynnesbian But in all seriousness UE 49 sounds cooler than AD 2019

@lynnesbian well, I've got some news: I've watched enough of your shitpost videos that I now hear your text shitposts in your voice

@lynnesbian every single programmer needs to learn how to use excel, and then they need to learn how to shut the fuck up.

@lynnesbian Latex is much easier to use than word if formatting is important and takes like 5 min to get going.
Lmao at your tiny brain.

Trying to justify your liking of dvorak with statistics is indeed autism.

>having a cell phone

@lynnesbian I switched to Dvorak out of boredom instead of for the benefits, am I still allowed to be a part of the Dvorak master race?

@lynnesbian Can you *imagine* using nano to edit config files when you could spend six months getting a grasp on vim or emacs!?

@petra @lynnesbian oh heck that's awful to imagine. so glad i learnt vim

@00dani @lynnesbian It was definitely worth putting off those one-line edits while you did that, I'm sure!

@lynnesbian To be fair, earphones that come with the telephone are usually bad to the extent they go straight to garbage.

But other than that... :)


someone should attribute this to Richard Stallman and frame it.

i've tried using GNUnet. this shit is *not* the future.

@lyliawisteria @lynnesbian

someone should print this onto a small piece of paper and hand it to him

people: why would you use Wolfram*Alpha, Mathematica is much more powerful

me: if I wanted to do my calc homework in coding syntax, I'd use python

@lynnesbian i know you're doing funni posting here but godddddd this attitude is way too common and such a personal pet peeve of mine *flails*

@hoppet i've ended friendships because of it

"why don't more people use linux", i think to myself, as i insult people's intelligence on the internet for using the operating system that came with their computer

@lynnesbian @hoppet you're subtooting every guy on this site with *ngix in their name or something real hard here Lynne. It's great

@sexybenfranklin @lynnesbian @hoppet
it also applies to the "why get an NES classic when you can just get a raspberry pi??" shitheads

@larrydavis @lynnesbian @hoppet why buy any console when you can spend twice their msrp on a video card that will be obsolete sooner than the next gem console comes out?

@sexybenfranklin @lynnesbian @hoppet
if i had three wishes one would be to make anyone who says "pc master race" out loud spontaneously combust

@larrydavis @lynnesbian @hoppet are we still allowed to say it ironically? Like, I prefer my pc for some games but still use my ps4 a lot.

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