please switch the USB-C stick to side 2 to continue playback

funnily enough there's a lot of things like "digitally encoded VHS" or "copy-protected NTSC broadcast" that i'm consciously avoiding because they're actually real

your PS1 save games have been encrypted, send us $300 in bitcoin

requires intel or AMD processor with odd numbered firmware version

- blue laser sports compatibility with older VHS tapes and increased storage capacity for new VHS2 format
- automatically flips the VHS to side 2 when necessary
- chapter select in under 2 seconds
- no moving parts

to reduce the chance of data being corrupted or lost, we run dozens of processors in RAID

WINBOX - emulate modern windows versions on your MS-DOS machine

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@lynnesbian running Google Chrome below the bare metal level (electron on electrons)

@ben it seems as though i need to install a cursed technology that actually exists - flash for android

@lynnesbian fine here's a transcript

Gun Haver: [...] pants back on, Blue Laser!

@lynnesbian @ben

flash for android does not exist. i have been trying to find it for about five years. IT DOES NOT EXIST.

@lynnesbian it's just a cassette of Jonathan Coulton's album Solid State

@lynnesbian I kinda want to make a solid state compact casette. An SD-card reader, microcontroller, codec, DAC, and magnetic analog interface to the casette player. Power from a generator driven through the tape spool wheel. Control by the casette (fwd, rev, fast forward).

Too much effort and too niche but it would be a lot of fun.

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