sometimes i take a screenshot of my desktop so future me finds it and thinks "oh god, i used to use computers like that?"

oh wow

this is the php-based porn database/categoriser i was making two years ago

i'm very conflicted on the UI. i sorta like it, but those stars are hideous and the bar at the bottom is silly

also i used to have a status bar with firefox :blobcatderpy:

my old software page, fuuuugck

i was VERY focused on form over function back then

holy fuck i used to put in the bare minimum amount of thought required for programming on school assignments

i'm glad i backed up all my stuff from school. where would i be without these four different versions of hello world written in visual basic backed up to onedrive

i'd upload all these old projects but

a. theyre almost certainly full of my deadname
b. at least one of them has images that show what school i went to

that one time i was going to make an erotic video game in visual basic

there's a slider labeled "skin colour" and it just goes from left to right

no labels, no more options, nothing. just lower or higher. what the hell


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@lynnesbian i keep finding screenshots from Windows XP on my old ASUS laptop. anti-aliasing wasn't much of a thing back then i guess.

@lynnesbian i sort of absent mindedly clear my screenshot folder ever so often but i think i'll stop doing that for my future amusement

@lynnesbian huh, I think I might've used that wiafu2x GUI once

@SwooshyCueb i don't think i ever uploaded it anywhere publicly, this is what it looked like

@lynnesbian do you still work on Notepad Ultra? Or do you have source of it somewhere? Sounds cool and would love to look over the code if it's available :3

@grufwub it's actually a pretty neat little program, my fiancee used to use it all the time, way more than i ever did

it's written in and the code isn't the greatest. i'll see if i can find a copy of the source code somewhere

@lynnesbian this is incredible I should write a bot that generates valid but disgusting/redundant code sometime.

@lynnesbian we like that one slider out of all of them has more than three positions

@lynnesbian wow you predicted the new nintendo console back then well done

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cooking a housewife
cooking a computer
cooking a gamer

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@lynnesbian i think i'd be like an eighth into that bar

also, I hope you're running these executables using the 'Mono Project' under 'Arch Linux btw'

@lynnesbian sorry this thread is just.... wow im dying this is amazing I love it

@lynnesbian isn't that also how Skyrim's skin color slider works?

@lynnesbian wwhy is there both simultaneous and both...

thinking about this far too much 

thinking about this far too much 

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