the two genders of technology names:
- we called it wi-fi because it sounded cool
- we called it compact disc because its a disc and its compact compared to other discs

IEEE P1394 Working Group: we called it IEEE 1394 because it was made by the IEEE P1394 Working Group
apple: we're gonna call it firewire because that's a horrible name

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theres also the third gender which is when they try really really hard to make an acronym work

like DANCE (Digital Audio Near-instantaneous Compression and Expansion)

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ooh and the fourth gender, which is when you need to change the meaning of the acronym and it comes out awfully

like SWF (previously ShockWave Flash, now Small Web File)

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did you know that MP3 doesn't stand for MPEG 3, it actually stands for MPEG-2 (or MPEG-1) Audio Layer III

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also if you're wondering why so many files use three letter extensions, like how JPEGs are often .JPG: it's because of MS-DOS. DOS allowed for filenames with a maximum length of 8.3 - that is, eight letters with a three letter extension. so FILENAME.JPG is okay, but FILE_NAME.JPEG is too long on both accounts. everyone just kinda agreed that 3 is a good number for file extensions and here we are still using it for pretty much everything even though it hasn't been required for decades

the only thing stopping you from making a .MPEGTwoAudioLayerThree file is your imagination

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well. your imagination, and also the fact that windows uses file extensions to determine file types

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computers can still tell what format a given file is in, even if the extension is wrong

(screenshot shows me copying a .ogg file to .jpeg, but i can still check its filetype and see that it's an ogg despite the wrong extension)

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lmao at plebes using .PDF when they could be using .PortableDocumentFormat

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loling at the dunces limiting themselves to .MP3 instead of .MovingPictureExpertsGroupFormatVersionTwoAudioLayerThree

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we called it zip because it goes fast and zips along compared to other formats

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we called it brotli because honestly we're running out of names and nobody else was using the swiss german word for bread roll

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introducing my new image format, OPTICAL

Organised set of
That produces an
Image when de
Coded in
A certain manner

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little known fact, .iso stands for
dIgital version of a diSc archived form the Original

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.png (Photo, just kidding you should Not use this format to store photoGraphs)

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PDF (low quality scan made by Placing ancient Documents on a shitty scanner and setting the output format to jpeg embedded within pdf Files which kinda defeats the purpose of a pdf)

yes the acronym contains itself twice. do not doubt my intellect

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windows: also can't be trusted, use part of the name to make sure!

@lynnesbian I had a professor who once sent us a PDF study guide at the last minute and no one could figure out how to repair the corrupted files we got. It turns out they were just JPG files renamed to PDFs. 😆 Thank god for the "file" command! 🙂

New compression format, .bun, zippiest and fastiest yet

lewd? genitals talk anyway 

@ben @lynnesbian girls with 2 dicks and tiddies

re: lewd? genitals talk anyway 

@00dani @lynnesbian unspecified number of girls

is that 2 dicks per girl or 2 total dicks+tiddies per girl or 2 dicks total?

re: lewd? genitals talk anyway 

@ben @lynnesbian two of each per girl i was thinkin

but either of the other interpretations is valid also

@00dani @lynnesbian I love how conversations on the Fediverse always have at least one sudden sharp turn into a completely different subject matter

it reminds me of wtdwtf

@burgin @lynnesbian Bitmap format creators: "For the last time, it's not pronounced 'bump'!"

@lynnesbian my snuggly arms are gonna contain you twice :blobcatreach:

@lynnesbian .docx (Document Odocument Cdocument Xdocument)

@lynnesbian .iso (Its Super smash brOs melee v 1.02 for use in the dolphin emulator so you can play on line with pals)

@lynnesbian .ogg is also a videO format that look GGood tho

@lynnesbian what are they gonna call the next file type the ISO decides to standardize

@lynnesbian ISO stands for the one format that was made by the international standards organization

(there are no other international standards organization standards, which seems like a waste of an organization)

@ben @lynnesbian This ISO format you're talking about is actually the 9660th standard they made and they named all of them ISO, except all of them are boring except for this one

That and the 3103rd one which is the proper method to make tea

@lynnesbian we were going to have the abbreviation be bro but apparently people got mad so they changed it to the country code for Brazil.

@lynnesbian i thought it was called zip because it does the same thing to the files as i do to myself when i force myself into my one pair of nice jeans

@lynnesbian .MovingPictureExpertsGroupFormatVersionFourPartTenAdvancedVideoCoding, or .AitchDotTwoSixFour

@lynnesbian I love how you imply that machines running Windows are not really computers.

@Sylvhem wellllll there is a port of GNU file for windows

microsoft just decided not to do things that way

@lynnesbian or use RISC OS's solution of filetypes as magic numbers

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