the times when i want to learn latex are the times when i'm currently doing university assignments and don't have time to learn latex

me, fighting with libreoffice for three minutes to get numbered dot points to continue where they left off from after a nested layer of bullet points: wysiwyg just works

@lynnesbian ngl a big part of why I learned graphviz and latex was because libreoffice is such shit

@lynnesbian hot take: that's why rich text in mastodon is a bad idea

@qwazix if it was just markdown or a simple set of markdown you wouldn't need to worry about that

you'd never encounter nested <ul> and <ol> if the tags weren't supported in the first place

@lynnesbian yeah that's true but then again **markdown** is *meant* to be readable in plaintext form as well. Rather people choose fake unicode stuff, and I think formal support for it won't change that.

@a_breakin_glass not when you have an assignment due in two days that you haven't started :blobcatfingerguns:

@lynnesbian The times when I want to learn X are the times when I am doing (Y thing that would be much easier with X) and don't have the time to learn X

@lynnesbian even once you know it it becomes “I think I can see / want to find a better way to do this but deadline so I’ll just do it the same old way” for forever. Been telling myself that lie about Beamer since like 2006.

But at least bullet points do what I want :(

@Petra_fied she went and made a meme all by her boo self just for me :blobbunheart:

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