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funnily enough there's a lot of things like "digitally encoded VHS" or "copy-protected NTSC broadcast" that i'm consciously avoiding because they're actually real

your PS1 save games have been encrypted, send us $300 in bitcoin

requires intel or AMD processor with odd numbered firmware version

- blue laser sports compatibility with older VHS tapes and increased storage capacity for new VHS2 format
- automatically flips the VHS to side 2 when necessary
- chapter select in under 2 seconds
- no moving parts

to reduce the chance of data being corrupted or lost, we run dozens of processors in RAID


WINBOX - emulate modern windows versions on your MS-DOS machine

The wine configuration in C:\Users\Lynne.config is being updated, please wait...

@diodelass @lynnesbian Windows Subsystem for Linux

the kernel is a Linux emulation layer inside NT

@lynnesbian /opt/root/srv/var/spool/android/data/data/app/

# ls /opt/google/widevine/
ls: permission denied
# chmod 777 /opt/google/widevine
chmod: permission denied

@diodelass @lynnesbian su to the account that actually owns that mount if it's fuse

@ben @lynnesbian should maybe remind that this is, like the rest of the thread, a bit

perhaps we, per usual, did not aim high enough and hit something that actually exists

@diodelass @lynnesbian oh

I just assumed Google actually did this knowing how Google has been headed

@lynnesbian tfw there's a FLOSS OS with a proprietary dev toolchain

@lynnesbian This thread singlehandedly took like 10 years off my life

@lynnesbian ... okay I know I was the person who said it, but this-but-unironically, actually.

@lynnesbian hey lynne

Hey lynne guess what I have to say at work

"emails can take up to 24 hours to arrive"

@lynnesbian no! Just a big 4 bank

I wasn't allowed to email people when I was working for the government (again I'm not joking)

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