that's the bloody thing about windows 10. it represents... chaos! the feminine windows 10 would... in a natural environment, and this is *not* a natural environment... in a natural environment, the more... masculine and better designed windows 7 would overpower windows 10. but those bloody-- those cultural marxists, and they really are, too, the cultural marxists at microsoft wouldn't have it! they... they they they intervened with... the natural hierarchy, and they said "well, let's... let's put the feminine form on top. let's put it on top." and that's not necessarily a bad thing, but when it's at the expense of order... of masculinity and structure, things start going wrong

i get these... radical leftists. they tell me that i should switch to linux! i-- i mean, come on! they say "oh, but it's faster. it's safer." but that's the thing. that's the issue-- the problem at the root of their damn claim. what does "faster" mean? that it does something more quickly? it takes less time to complete? what if there was a society in which faster meant it took *more* time? how can you be sure which is correct? you could certainly build a society... where less speed is better. and in the... after it's all said and done, you really can't define safety if you don't believe in god

@lynnesbian wait is this bit a riff on something Jordan "relative values are bad" actually said? I knew he was borderline incoherent but that takes the cake

@valrus it's loosely based off of that one time he argued that a society could get by with the rule "murder is good" and the only objective way to say that murder is bad is through god

As a windows 10 user I can confirm that I am a feminine chaos dragon out to destroy the masculine order with my feminine fire

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