reminder: if you want an ebooks bot but don't wanna host it yourself, you can pledge the $2.50 tier on my patreon and i'll do it for you! you'll be able to set things like posting frequency (even to weird stuff like once a day or every 12 minutes), content warnings, accounts it should follow, and more!!

@lynnesbian >Creating free software >Using patreon Uhhh...not gonna get started but...ok

@lynnesbian @JonQuan you could promote that more, I guess?

But what do I know, I have the same amount of donors.

@lynnesbian boosting this because adorable bune with money hat is adorable

@ironthorn it's not, no

in fact, it's actually illegal to own pet buns in queensland!

@lynnesbian It's because of the rabbit problem Australia has had, right?

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