me: ahh ive studied so hard for this compsci exam, i'm so ready for this!!
exam: how turn computer on. ??
a) press power butotn
b) install java
c) Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.0
d) it is impossible to tell

1. if you snip ethernet cable? will internot work? why not??

2. what is the syntax eror in this python program
def hello():
print("Hello, world!")

3. what does IP stands for
a) Internet Protocol
b) Internet Pinternet
c) Incredible Python
d) Microsoft Windows 3.11 for Workgroups

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alice is having a conversation with bob about information security. she says:
in the field of infosec, CIA stands for Confidentiality, Integrity, and AAAAAAAA.
what did she get wrong?
a) C
b) I
c) A
d) None of the above

5. which of the following is not a valid SQL command?
a) SELECT * FROM table;
b) SELECT COUNT(*) FROM table;
c) INSERT INTO table (row, row2) VALUES ("test", "test")
b) public static void main(String[] args) {

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@lynnesbian d!! she should not have been speaking to bob in cleartext. terrible violation of information security practice

@lynnesbian all of these are valid. simply place them between this boiler plate: "/* */"

breaking shitpost character 

@lynnesbian i was ognna link a ideone-style sql thing where i did this but indented it into space so it was "hidden" but i couldn't find one and i realized it wasn't as funny as just confidently saying that's how you do it correctly

re: breaking shitpost character 

@zoe @lynnesbian it's true! zoe is a big cutie!!


re: breaking shitpost character 

@jessi @lynnesbian dsfjhkshadfklhskdlfjasjlkhdg,

re: breaking shitpost character 

@zoe @lynnesbian it's true, adorable af

@lynnesbian It is clearly a) that is this issue.

Thank you for helping me revise for my databases exam.

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