Lewd shit post 

@lynnesbian Only a harmless beam of light will touch them when they're played...

That's poetic.


We used to use the DVD player as a CD player as well because the DVD player was already hooked up to the speakers.

@lynnesbian what's the source of those video clips? Like, the full thing. :thonking:


@lynnesbian Phillips invented Thanos snap before Hollywood did.

@lynnesbian I'm suddenly feeling a more urgent need to finish backing up my VHS and Video8 collection

@polychrome @lynnesbian Video8! Now THAT'S a blast from the past! :)

I keep meaning to buy one of those VHS digitizers as we have a VHS deck and I have precisely 1 VHS tape I actually care about preserving the contents of, but my wife's relatives have a ton.

@feoh @lynnesbian I need to get one that can do both PAL and NTSC because I've somehow managed to get a collection of both 🤷

@polychrome @lynnesbian I think back when I looked at this most of them did, but yeah be sure to tick that box when you buy :)


"they don't break", lawl. i've seen so many broken CDs. probably more than broken records.

@lynnesbian I'm a little disturbed by my ability to read binary and hexadecimal numbers up to a certain range.

@lynnesbian I feel like the announcer guy is leaving out a very important thing that people should know

right now it seems like you'd have to look up your three quarters of a nibble in some kind of lookup table

@lynnesbian at a party

me: I should stop overdoing things

someone: hello who are you

* the jingle of this video starts playing*

me: 2019 @magikarp introduces the biggest single step forward of this party

@lynnesbian me shoving a cd in my ear in the hopes that it’ll block the sounds of those high pitched fart synths

@lynnesbian cd video was literally just a rebranding of laserdisc, which is kind of hilarious

@lynnesbian Wait, isn't Phillips CD-Video is what gave rise to awful FMV games and Sega CD?

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