fuck you

"yeah you can unsubscribe but we won't let you use the campus navigation app if you do"

we will punish you if you unsubscribe. most students don't unsubscribe, probably because they like us

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goddd thaat less than 1% insubscribe iis such an unnecessary kick in your face about being forced to use their stuff ew

@lynnesbian hmm time to eat whoever designed this policy i think

@lynnesbian time to make a competing crowd sourced campus navigation application :blobcatinnocent:

Is the place indexed on OpenStreetMaps?

@polychrome thankfully i don't need the navigation anymore, but the map is pretty simple, and you can easily get around from a photo of it, especially since the lost on campus app's navigation feature just draws a direct line from you to the building and tells you to follow it

@lynnesbian what if there's a building in the way

Is that when things get interesting

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