imagine if people treated other things like people treat programming

"i'm looking into cooking dinner, i think i'll go with curry"

"LMAOOOOOOO curry?? really? do you have any idea how resource intensive that shit is? i can't cook a curry on my trangea"
"nice, just go ahead and cut off the userbase that can't tolerate spicy food. asshole."
"instant ramen is lightweight, cheap, and fills you up. using anything else is just stupidity for the sake of being able to say 'oooh, look at all the cool things i can do'"
"i ate a curry and my TV stopped getting signal the next week. i don't understand much but i know to stay the fuck away from curry"
"fuck you"

except the curry is free and i'm providing it to people for free because i want people who have trouble cooking to have a nice meal

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you should get into programming, but never tell anyone but friends that you enjoy it, and don't ever mention
- frameworks
- languages
- indentation
- vim or emacs
- whether the open squiggle bracket goes on a new line or not
- frameworks, seriously don't ever do this, especially not electron
- programming paradigms
- anything containing the phrase "considered harmful"
- you know what just don't talk about programming

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blacklisting someone's personal website in /etc/hosts because they left a __MACOSX folder in a zip they sent me

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@lynnesbian Thank you for providing delicious curry. i mean programs. i mean….i lost control of the metaphor, sorry.

@lynnesbian This is why I will never make anything I create open source so no-one can ever judge my code.

@diffractie i genuinely think that this is one of the main drawbacks of open source code

@lynnesbian oh you know programming? I've got a million dollar idea for an app. it's like Facebook but red, can you do that?

@purgatos @lynnesbian ok I'm with you, but instead of pokes can we paw at each other? Also, instead of Tom from Myspace we will all automatically be friended with Duke of Bush's Baked Beans. *starts heavy breathing" holy shit we are gonna be rich!

@lynnesbian putting the thing you mean to send in the __MACOSX folder, and leaving a dummy fake folder to fool the person you've sent the file to, laugh when they delete the __MACOSX folder

@Shrigglepuss @lynnesbian Is that really what it is for? I was always puzzled by it (never owned a mac... they always break somehow when I use them) in zips I've unzipped. I just sort of assumed it had some function sometimes or was an accidental artifact, like an .Rhistory file or something, but if you're right, just wow.

@ttbek @lynnesbian I presume it's some sort of place to store metadata about the files/folder that doesn't live in the files/folder themselves for some reason but I don't know enough about Apple filesystem stuff to answer much better than that =( Probs stuff like how the files are arranged in the folder on a Mac and things along those lines that don't apply to anything else

@lynnesbian I once genuinely by accident set off a tabs/spaces thing at my previous job


I spent an entire morning having this debate with someone, my team leader said I won.

@theoutrider @lynnesbian
It was the proudest moment of my life, I've not done a lot of things

@lynnesbian it's interesting, because the consequence of people being very picky and elitist about these so called #ingredients is that it's all made on tech companies or as a hobby by a bunch of 20 or 30 year olds working on simplifying and automating some of the most complex stuff out there and so it's always very personal, organic and imperfect stuff

but that's because, indeed, programming is so accessible and dynamic

would we even be here if we didn't fight over stuff

@lynnesbian I said "consequence" but I guess I meant "cause"


@espectalll @lynnesbian I wish. I could use some bunedles of cash!

But then my style is probably a bit too furmulaic.

So for now this is part of my charity:

Puns for bunes.

@hirnbrot @lynnesbian and I propose the following:

guns for puns


and no you can't say guns fur puns, NOR puns fur guns

:blobcatknife: :blobcatknife: :blobcatknife: :blobcatknife: :blobcatknife: :blobcatknife: :blobcatknife: :blobcatknife: :blobcatknife: :blobcatknife: :blobcatknife: :blobcatknife: :blobcatknife: :blobcatknife: :blobcatknife: :blobcatknife: :blobcatknife: :blobcatknife: :blobcatknife: :blobcatknife:

@espectalll @lynnesbian I make a pun, I get a gun? That seems nice.

Did you not mean you wanted to outlaw mine as

assault weapuns


@hirnbrot @lynnesbian no, I mean the block from the universe forever button :blobcatcoffee:

- vim or emacs
Dare I say nano? Yeah, we all seem to have strong opinions on all of these. I'm happy to share mine, but I wouldn't be so derogatory as the curry example. At least not when communicating to people, but I admit that it's running through my head reading other people's code. Gedit, Sublime and Atom are quite nice as well.

@ttbek i don't use vim or emacs either, i just know that you should never bring it up


I do write programs but I tend to code only in C++ because that is what I was taught in high school and college (this was before the Java revolution in schools) and it is just what I know.

I know there are tons of other languages out there, but this works perfectly fine for what I do. I write programs that solve problems that can only really be solved approximately (things that require iterative methods like Runge-Kutta in differential equations).

@lynnesbian hmm but have you ever been to a Yelp Elite Gold Member's Event because these people exist.

@lynnesbian they said I could have free food and drinks but they didn't tell me who I'd have to stand next to to get it.


This is literally what it's like to hang out with Chefs.

"i ate a curry and my TV stopped getting signal the next week. i don't understand much but i know to stay the fuck away from curry"
This line hit me too close to home. It was an instant trigger


Well, if the food is free and it's meant for folks who can't afford food, then yeah choosing to make curry that's very spicy is actually borderline cruel?

@endomain i mean yeah but all i'm doing is making a python qt frontend to a python script i made a while ago


I am very sorry if people are bothering you. That's no fun to endure.

Speaking as a cook it's not entirely unlike that, never realized I'm in culinary IT

You should put python in your dish though, in fact just scrap the whole thing and make it again with python.

@lynnesbian Imagine if cooking professionals were expected to ship food as fast as possible without really getting to understand how the ingredients worked when put together.

@benhamill @lynnesbian and in restaurants that specialise in game, every chef involved only gets to prepare a single ingredient from a written description of how and where it'll be used in the dish

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