me: okay i think i've finally worked out all the different standards and varieties of USB

"the one thing i didn't like about USB ports is how they physically exist"
-- literally nobody

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@lynnesbian please share your thoughts over IEEE 1337 a.k.a. FediWire

@lynnesbian I think Apple hates ports in general, USB included.

Ports add too much usability.

@lynnesbian they probably saw the usb-b 3.0 and then that reaction is understandeable

@lynnesbian I've been wondering for a long time if it's ever been used in a #real product :thinkingcat:

@lynnesbian I suppose they're unhappy that Bluetooth is finally working well enough to be useful for day-to-day stuff


@lynnesbian fuck oh no is this real because apple is absolutely gonna remove the the last port on the phone when this comes out

re: capitalism 

@xenon it's real but it's effectively abandoned, the linux kernel removed support for it recently iirc


@xenon @lynnesbian don’t worry, they won’t use wireless USB.

They’ll use wireless Thunderbolt! 😂

a joke 

@wdtz one day, instead of sharing files by copying them to a USB and bringing them to the person, we'll be able to put the files on a web USB and email the USB to them


a joke 

@lynnesbian "this needs to be marked as a joke" is hilarious (and maybe a little sad)

@wdtz i know there are people out there who would have replied "actually you can just use google drive" or "actually you can't email a webUSB, it's an API" otherwise

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