the sims 3 launcher i made actually did launch the sims 3

but then it fucked up my contrast settings

it also plays this music while the game is loading:

this fucking song was used in so many youtube poops

starting my windows 7 VM so i can run these in their Natural Habitat

i'm glad i themed my wheel of fortune assignment with my teacher's face so i have to blur it out

cpu buddy is a windows exclusive program that creates a small cpu buddy to accompany you as you work. it loads a new image into memory every time you change which side it's on and never clears them, causing a memory leak. cup buddy can only be closed by killing it from the task manager or command line. cup buddy

i was gonna make a chat program where you directly communicate with people by entering their IP address

not only is my profile picture from danganronpa, but my surname is from homestuck. a real double whammy

i am proud to report that chiaki assistant's 4chan buttons are fully compatible with Windows 7 Ultimate for 64 Bit Personal Computers

let me just check my hotmail for my genuine windows 7 product key


yeah well after 10 years my tolerance for microsoft is nearing the end so go away

okay my windows 7 ultimate key has been purchased from a reputable retailer and typed in

apparently both my windows XP and windows 10 devices are offline :c

(i used to use this program to VNC into two different devices because i was really lazy)

notepad ultra was a program that did more than notepad.exe but less than notepad++. petra used to use it every day :blobcatmelt:

@lynnesbian This has been an entertaining rollercoaster ride, from old software and nostalgia to less enjoyable nostalgia thanks to microsoft shenanigans.

@lynnesbian I have never bought a windows license key. I've spent 100,000 on linux keys tho

@lynnesbian is there a linux build? If there is then I'd love to use it!

@lynnesbian I used to love Metapad for doing more than Notepad and less than Notepad++ back in the day. Cx

@lynnesbian oh yeah, I was also surprised to see a Spain thing.

I wonder if there's like, themes for Moldova or Zimbabwe or Yemen :blobcatthinking:

@lynnesbian fun windows 7 fact: depending on which region the iso you get is in, you'll have a theme for that country. not sure if it happens with *all* regions, but i did see it happen with Polish win7 isos

@lynnesbian please, you have no idea about the tools and menus I programmed as a one-digit years old using nothing but GW-BASIC and DOS batch files.

Making terrible personal automation as a kid is like the very mark of a programmer. 🤷

Old projects created

Microsoft we hated

long have we awaited

Lynndows activated
@lynnesbian yes, that does appear to be the legitimate screens in which you put in your legitimate license key you bought direct from Microsoft and totally not something like the Windows 7 Activator
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