the sims 3 launcher i made actually did launch the sims 3

but then it fucked up my contrast settings

it also plays this music while the game is loading:

this fucking song was used in so many youtube poops

starting my windows 7 VM so i can run these in their Natural Habitat

i'm glad i themed my wheel of fortune assignment with my teacher's face so i have to blur it out

cpu buddy is a windows exclusive program that creates a small cpu buddy to accompany you as you work. it loads a new image into memory every time you change which side it's on and never clears them, causing a memory leak. cup buddy can only be closed by killing it from the task manager or command line. cup buddy

i was gonna make a chat program where you directly communicate with people by entering their IP address

not only is my profile picture from danganronpa, but my surname is from homestuck. a real double whammy

i am proud to report that chiaki assistant's 4chan buttons are fully compatible with Windows 7 Ultimate for 64 Bit Personal Computers

let me just check my hotmail for my genuine windows 7 product key

yeah well after 10 years my tolerance for microsoft is nearing the end so go away

okay my windows 7 ultimate key has been purchased from a reputable retailer and typed in

apparently both my windows XP and windows 10 devices are offline :c

(i used to use this program to VNC into two different devices because i was really lazy)

notepad ultra was a program that did more than notepad.exe but less than notepad++. petra used to use it every day :blobcatmelt:

@lynnesbian is there a linux build? If there is then I'd love to use it!

@lynnesbian I used to love Metapad for doing more than Notepad and less than Notepad++ back in the day. Cx

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