want to submit your own question(s)? there's now a simple little survey form for doing just that!

bear in mind that LTT questions should be more like "how does thing work" or "why does thing do X" and not "why does microsoft do this" or "how do i change the wallpaper on android".

here's the survey:

feel free to submit multiple questions! :blobbun_happy:

you can also just ask me, of course, but surveys are fun!!

@lynnesbian ...

*quietly doublechecks that cron job is working to renew letsencrypt on my server*

@lousycanuck @lynnesbian Let’s Encrypt should send you an email a week or two before your certificate expires if it hasn’t been renewed. I’ve hit this at least once when the system with the certificate was turned off (on purpose).

@cbane @lousycanuck @lynnesbian I got one of those emails recently and I better fix it soon before my instance goes down!
@lynnesbian Thank you for making a survey so I don't have to publically reveal to fedi how much I don't know about stuff
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