with enough funding, lynne teaches tech will surpass linus tech tips, and i will build a 1080p monitor made up of individual 1080p screens, and LTT will mean LynneTeachesTech, and i will rest well at night

filming equipment: PS2 eyetoy
audio setup: PS2 singstar mic
editing workstation: my laptop

ready to go prime time

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i have a lapel mic but it's designed to be clipped onto the end of a trumpet so i'd have to speak real loud

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@lynnesbian Probably that one, you know, just maybe. Flip a coin each week?

@lynnesbian Meh, who needs video, do it with live action stop motion with voice-over.

@lynnesbian you can change the gain in post or maybe crack it open and their might be a potentiometer you could change i could help maybe if ur srs

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