literally nothing in the world more powerful than having a email address

To be cynical:
1.) most of my friends and family are on GMail, etc... so Google still reads all my email.
2) After jumping through hoops to stop getting my address auto-blocked, it still goes to spam folders unless people explicitly add me to their contacts list.

I don't regret doing it, but I'm at a loss to convince everyone I love to do the same.

@mike i actually use to host email on my server rather than doing it myself, which avoid the second problem

and you're right about the first one, but i just really like privacy and self hosting :blobbun_mlem:

I am using the software from to do it myself - if you're not already familiar, it's about the closest I think I've found for "easy do-it-yourself email hosting"... but it's still really far from easy. 😞

@lynnesbian true. I have both and Nothing can stop me now.

@lynnesbian I know someone who configured a mail server so that any mail received with an unknown local part would end up in the same inbox, so he could just make up an email address at any time and it'd work, and he could use this to block addresses which had ended up as targets for spam

@fool @lynnesbian

I was doing this for a while but wasn’t very disciplined about it and it all got to be too much work.

I eventually just switched to using my DNS provider’s email service. The 8-or-so accounts it provides turn out to be more than enough.

@lynnesbian yes there is: firstname@lastname@yourcountry

Btw email me on

And bow :P

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