imagine if the switch used little discs like the PSP did

the hellish sound of PSP UMD access is audible throughout the room so you'd be able to hear the disc access even when it's in docked mode

@lynnesbian FUCK I forgot about my PSP! I still have an OG psp-1000 i managed to get before original release (even in Japan). it has CFW on it, but original firmware had the reversed X / O buttons that Japanese firmware used to have. My original UMD it came with, Ridge Racers is still in Japanese too haha. Learnt how to navigate that game entirely from menu-item location as opposed to actually being able to read anything :p

@lynnesbian the eventual hard-mod for it was so nice as well. Making a Pandora battery was literally just a case of scratching off one of the contacts on the battery's circuit board

@lynnesbian launching switch disks like a weapon like the early psps did

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