petra's playing mario odyssey!

i pointed out that the little birds have tiny hats and she went "awwww" and started crying

she says she likes it so far but wishes she didn't have to squish the little creatures (goombas)

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she's running around as a frog making noises and she says "look at me gracefully hop hop hop around"

and she's avoiding all the goombas

she's so cute it melts my heart :blobbunmelt:

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she's excited to go to the sand kingdom because that's where the nice maraca people are

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"who stores coins in an ice crystal? it seems a bit silly to me, hun"
~ pecha

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and now she's crying about the goombas being "territorial"

i don't know why she's in this mood but it's so adorable

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now she's avoiding hitting cactuses because she doesn't want to disturb the ecosystem too much

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@lynnesbian um well henlo everyone, I've been having a great time and aaaaa gohshsh people think I'm cute? 0//u//0


@lynnesbian I'm glad people like my silly ways =w=

that makes me feel all nice and self-confident 0u0

@lynnesbian oh my gosh I aaaaa, the laugh, so cute. also I would be giggling my arse off too at that look at him WADDLE <3

@lynnesbian lynne your wife is rly cute...... that's gay

@lynnesbian i will die for my belief that mario odyssey is "The game of transbians"

@lynnesbian Love Super Mario Odyssey, it was a fun game.

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