the EFF has an article about how cloudflare and godaddy dropping the daily stormer is "dangerous" and how free speech should always be protected, even by private companies, because slippery slope

me, a person who is not part of the groups currently targeted by nazis: maybe we should protect nazis

don't worry though cloudflare currently protects gab so free speech is alive and well

first they came for the nazis, and i said "thanks for getting rid of the nazis"


This hot take tho:

"But we must also recognize that on the Internet, any tactic used now to silence neo-Nazis will soon be used against others, including people whose opinions we agree with."'s likely they're gonna use that kind of shit against us *even if we don't* use it against them.

@lynnesbian yep, is why I won’t donate to them (or, if I was American, the ACLU)

@lynnesbian didn't cflare refuse to block anything else after that because they didn't want to put the resources in to screen requests
@lynnesbian i just found a cnbc article that says the CEO terminated the daily stormer because he "woke up in a bad mood" kdjfkkd

@lynnesbian Of course they're telling on themselves by not uttering a peep about the ongoing FB and Goog filtering of sites like WSWS, etc.

@lynnesbian I come from the country which blocked up to 1/4 of the internet at some point at would block on ISP level or through their controlled domain any website they want, without court. I'm calling this a bullshit. When government don't like you they will find a way to pressure you, to put you in prison, to block you. Private companies refusing to deal with nazis is absolutely ethical and right.

@lynnesbian "but they should not have this power" no shit, they shouldn't but while they do they should wield it responsibly

@lynnesbian Even though I disagree with them, I think the article is fairly balanced - for example, some of the concrete concerns they raise are that the right wing keep trying to classify Black Lives Matter and Antifa as hate/terrorist groups, and that this kind of deplatforming can work both ways.

From the article: "We at EFF defend the right of anyone to choose what speech they provide online; platforms have a First Amendment right to decide what speech does and does not appear on their platforms."

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