imagine if movie remakes happened like game remakes and ten years later you'd get the remastered version with better CGI and minor plot holes fixed


toy story 1 would look a lot better if they just rendered it again with better lighting

and fix the dog

back in the ps1 days all the games were either letterboxed or pan and scan

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avatar remastered

experience the original classic now in 8K at 60 frames per second and an all new scene explaining the chemical properties of unobtanium

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i saw the second hobbit movie in HFR 48fps

not only did it completely change my opinion on whether or not movies should be at higher frame rates, it also sucked as a movie

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@lynnesbian Expected Fran Drescher to hop in with the most obnoxious NY accent possible and do awkward humor

@lynnesbian I think that might have actually happened for toy story's 3D version?

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