if you're dropping fedilab for not blocking gab, why not drop windows for linux while you're at it?

. gave notch billions of dollars
. recently accepted a $480 million contract to develop VR tech for the US army
. profits from nearly every computer sale in the world, regardless of whether you want to even use the preinstalled windows or not
. overworks employees and retains "permatemp" employees, who work for the company permanently on a temp contract, to avoid providing medical benefits
. bans usage of the word "gay" (even as a surname) on xbox live
. collects data from windows users with no means to disable it

and the worst part is, because of microsoft's data collection, microsoft actually profits off of you if you have windows installed, unlike fedilab. if you ask others to uninstall fedilab, make sure you uninstall windows!

you thought the days of me telling you to switch to linux were over :blobcatowoevil:

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@lynnesbian Swatch to Lunix nauw!

De power of de Bune compels ye!

@lynnesbian (I have no idea what that was, but it needed out)

@lynnesbian well i'd like to but professional softwares i happen to use are not available on Linux, and video games don't run that well (or at all) on Linux either...

plus, i never paid for my windows (i bought my computer with no OS and my laptop with EndlessOS) and i blocked every data collection i can so no profit for them.

but i get your point tho

@Oz @lynnesbian This sounds more like achicken and egg problem or a vicious spiral. No "popular" software gets developed for linux because the userbase is "small" because no popular software gets developed for linux... ad infinitum.

@CarbonCatalyst @Oz @lynnesbian
Linux is used on pretty much all but a small fraction of production servers.

@Oz @lynnesbian actually video games run very well on Linux nowadays, even faster than on Windows sometimes thanks to the work Valve has done with proton

@Lyude @Oz @lynnesbian

Eh..._many_ games, but certainly not all. And sometimes you'll run into weird issues.

(citation: when I load Marvel vs Capcom 3, one particular character has no textures. Also, the performance is terrible compared to Windows.)

(counterexample: Warframe runs like a dream. YMMV.)

@IceWolf @Lyude @lynnesbian i know there have been a lot of progress on the topic.

Sadly #GW2 which is the game i play the most, doesn't have a linux version, and using Vine usually makes it laggy and ends up with a low framerate... I also read that the game wasn't really well optimized in the first place so that might not help...

And it's still pretty complicate to install, at least to me, even if i feel pretty skillful in computers in general 😅​

Also, I read today that ubuntu was making things easier with Nvidia graphics cards so that may help a bit... i might give it another try someday but it feels really easier to stick to windows for the use i have of my computer =/

@IceWolf @Lyude @lynnesbian just after my toot i did some more research and i found a complete updated tutorial on how to install Wine to play GW2 on Linux. Turns out there is a GUI-based Wine installer : that sounds promising to me !

@Oz @IceWolf @Lyude @lynnesbian
There are two that I know of. PlayOnLinux and Lutris

@Oz @IceWolf @Lyude @lynnesbian

Don't get your hopes high on GW2. I even hear Windows players complaining about it's very bad performance. We solved a shiton of this moving it to a SSD. It's hard to debug the real bottleneck and certainly easier to "just" blame the OS. As for the "all games run on Windows": hahaha. No. 😅

@Oz @lynnesbian
Games are in a much better state on linux these days. And most professional software should at least run decently under WINE


Games. Games are literally the only reason. ):

Also mixed DPI support. I got around that on Linux by downscaling my secondary display, but it's not ideal. And possibly driver issues (I'm lucky in that regard). But fortunately I have OS X for everything that isn't games.

@lynnesbian Have you been PLAGIARIZING ( )

If so, Good on you!

But NO! NO, you haven't, you actually came up with OC!

So I must boost!

@lynnesbian unfortunately, Windows is required for my job, unlike Fedilab

@aCuteLittleBox @lynnesbian I'm running a version of Windows that I got for free from Microsoft after I got Windows 8 for free with my computer

so Microsoft isn't getting my money, at the very least.

@ben @lynnesbian i just don't pay for it and deal with the watermark for whenever i play games :blobderpy:

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