thank you all for coming to mourn with us today at the loss of our dearly departed. i'd like to begin with a small foreword.

have you ever wanted to design your own website? squarespace allows you t

... and thus concludes my eulogy for our dearly departed. Visit SkillShare if you'd also like to learn how to write a heartfelt eulogy, or wish to improve your public speaking skills...

@lynnesbian thank you for coming to my TED talk about JavaScript sandbox security in browsers.

Before I start, however, let's talk about The Don’t Marry Movement. There are 3 main poi

@lynnesbian as a eulogist it's hard to get noticed out in the industry so i decided to make a personal website, squarespace made it easy for me to do so

@chillallmen @lynnesbian may the dearly departed rest in peace in their coffin provided by Casper. Casper provides the most comfortable coffins with just the right amount of sink and bounce.

@hoppet @lynnesbian his wife once said till death do us part but you know what wont bore you to death? forge of legends, forge of legends is an rpg with [im beaten off stage]


enter code "boohoo" to get 15% off your first month.

@lynnesbian i'm reading this thread to my significant other and i think i'm dealing psychic damage to them with each post
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