new game idea: pokemon but it's about polyamory

you get to pick from three starter partners and then you travel the lands, wooing more partners to add them to your party

instead of fighting, partners try to make each other get all flustered. there are different types (strong, nerdy, cute...) and they all have their effectiveness stuff. the eight gym leaders and elite four are all dommes

professor oak is on a journey to discover every type of partner and put them in the polydex

tldr gay

congratulations! your useless lesbian evolved into a bratty sub

i could legit make this with rpg maker :blobcatthinking:

or something like löve

ive been working on this for a while and i've done three things:
. made a font
. half made a boss fight song
. decided that kind girls are super effective against tsundere girls

me: i promise i won't take my shitposts seriously
[one glass of gluten free water later]
me: i need to talk to a game designer to help me balance the types of lesbians

@lynnesbian you still have a team of six pokemon, but you dress them up like you do for pokemon contests to look as cute as you can to woo your partners

@lynnesbian the failure state is you become part of another polycule

@lynnesbian pokémon training as combined bloodsport and courting ritual

@lynnesbian rpg maker has really good pokemon templates floating around so you wouldn't even have to implement it yourself

it doesn't sound hard until you start actually looking into formulas and stuff and realize that it's actually really complex lmao

@monorail i'm a Weird Person and i actually have a lot of fun building the engine and mechanics and stuff myself :blobbun_mlem:

@monorail it's not gonna be a clone of pokemon with all it's deep mechanics and detail, more like a cutesy simple little thing uwu

@lynnesbian (i jumped to conclusions bc if i were doing it i'd want to repurpose the existing formulas but that's certainly not the only way to do it)

@monorail @lynnesbian honestly when it comes to formulas like that, it looks daunting but the only real difficulty is finding each individual bit and figuring out how to plug and chug like you're trying to figure out the right answer to the weekly "alright who here knows pemdas" post on social media

then there are some quirks to the formulas that pokemon uses, but that's a different story

@lynnesbian Butch tops are like the Ghost type in Pokemon: They're only weak against bratty subs (Dark) and each other (Ghost) while they're immune to obedient subs (Normal) and resistant to femme tops (Psychic).

@lynnesbian oooh I love this idea! hit me up if you'd like some help implementing it, I've made gaems before ^_^

@lynnesbian @cuffedCatling I like it. But instead of "gym battles", it'd be you and a new potential partner trying to work out a date night that fits both polycule's calendars

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