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dick fuck


media classifications are the shitty version of content warnings

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if you've ever wanted to make your own australian media classifications the government provides a program to do it for some reason

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apparently the program is "copyright 2011 attorney general's department"

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the funniest rating i've ever seen on a movie was "strong bloody violence"

mate... are you sure you wanna watch this one? it's got some strong bloody violence

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according to the ACB, it's such a beautiful day contains mild nudity

i don't remember any nudity in that movie,

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"themes" is the silliest classification category

for example, a movie that heavily deals with e.g. depression gets rated M, which makes sense, and the description is "adult themes"

like... there's a lot of adult themes. arguably, all of the other categories (such as drugs, nudity, violence) also fall under adult themes. it's nice that they at least have a category though, because a movie like ISABD doesn't really have any objectionable content like sex and swearing or whatever, it's just really fucking heavy, which gets it the M rating

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some caps 

@zoe @lynnesbian PARENTAL ADVISORY: This Toot has been found by the RIAA to Contain EXPLICIT CONTENT of the type: SATANISM.

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