okay hopefully everyone who has a crush on me has expressed it now so i don't have to worry about anyone feeling rejected or ignored by me or anything

if you want to be my friend or crush or partner or whatever please just let me know! i try to be approachable and accepting and i really don't like the idea of being a distant parasocial Big Account

@lynnesbian i mean i'd express it but i think its obvious and you know???

@lynnesbian I know that as an individual I have more penises than you are probably comfortable with but I’m content with admiring you from afar.

@lynnesbian Friendship sounds pretty great, I think I just end being pretty Useless about that too

Dunno about being your friend or something. You are quite fun to read sometimes, so no complaints from me.
(If you didn't get any part of the text above, fell free to ask about it)

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