windows: can't mount more than 26 drives without using UNC paths or mounting to directories
linux: "yes uwu" is a valid command and constantly prints "uwu" to the terminal until the process is killed

the winner is clear

the majority of the man page for yes consists of copyright info, how to report bugs, and so on

the man page also links to the "full documentation":

i remember this great reddit thread where people were competing to make the fastest reimplementation of yes and they were measuring it in how many gigabytes it could output per second

@lynnesbian "the thing that's checking our throughput is the bottleneck" [screams]

@lynnesbian I think there could still be more potential with using a fictional /dev/yes as an input instead of piping yes into something ^^


most distributions: let's just use puts
GNU, with their galaxy size brain: mmmm, Buffers

@lynnesbian not true. For example % is recognized as a valid "drive letter".
Try this on the command line (unc works, too):
subst %: %windir%
Doesn't affect the winner, though.

@alexbuzzbee @lynnesbian You couldn't use the mounted data in any way, if you couldn't access it (like adirectory) and if you want to access the block device you still can do so in /dev, so I don't quite get your point?

@alexbuzzbee @lynnesbian I'd argue the letter is nothing different than a path, but it's also possible that my humor is somewhat broken :D

@alexbuzzbee @lynnesbian I guess I understand the situation now, but am totally missing a joke one had to explain on a psychological level to make me understand, so I guess I'll just accept this 🙈 (also this is not your fault, my brain just sometimes work in funny ways :D)

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