*rides in on a skateboard* welcome to federated social networking, kiddo *does an ollie* blocking people on other instances doesn't work all the time *sick kick flip* every now and then a weird guy will download and publish everything you've ever posted in the supposed interest of preservation *loop de loop* you can't block entire instances from seeing your posts *triple jump* the debate about whether or not racial slurs are okay and should be protected by corporations and admins is an actual thing here and it's always burning like a coal mine fire *180 spin* someone says something cataclysmically horrible every two days or so, sparking a week long discussion where you get to see your friends giving horrifyingly bad opinions *lands flawlessly* and best of all? there's a disturbingly high amount of sexually abusive people

@derek @lynnesbian counterpoint: most of the people listed could use some hurting

@lynnesbian Sry, Lynne, but you've just described the whole internet. The Fediverse specifically is the corner where all the furries and kin disappeared off to

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