what features would you like to see in fedibooks?

things i'm definitely doing:
. customisable post frequency
. multiple bots
. bots learn from multiple accounts
. edit name, profile picture, etc. from fedibooks

things i'm probably doing:
. misskey support

things i'm not doing:
. patreon exclusive features
. different types of bots

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i don't know when this will be ready because it's a fairly big undertaking, right now i've only got a few pages prepared and none of the backend stuff

i'm not looking forward to the SQL stuff but the rest should be fun :bun:

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here's the bot edit page so far, it looks pretty gross i know

are there any options that seem missing? there are some other options not pictured here, such as turning off replies, banning given words, or changing the profile picture

i don't want to overwhelm the user with options but i don't want it to be too limiting either

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this page allows you to manage your bots and such. the buttons on the bot are a little confusing because they're just icons. they mean, from left to right:

. toggle bot enabled/disabled
. bot settings
. accounts learned from
. banned words
. chat with your bot
. delete

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before i shut down my free bot hosting service, i was hosting 108 bots. that means my server had 108 open connections listening for replies at all times. i don't know how many it can handle, but the answer's at least 108 :blobcatfingerguns:

i have no idea how many people are going to use this, though, so it might not go so well. each reply listener needs to be its own process, too... i might have to either get a separate server just for this or upgrade my current server to the prohibitively expensive next tier

in other words, when this goes live, i'm kinda hoping for people clicking on those donation links so i can upgrade the server! :blobbun_mlem:

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this is by the people (henlo) for the people (you!) so if there's anything at all you'd like to see, let me know!

what do you want in an ebooks bot? what annoys or disappoints you about the current ones? if you could program, what custom functionality what you give your own one? what do you like or hate about webapps (like mastodon and gmail) that could apply here? what is your favourite breed of rabbit?

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allowing users to get their bot to post once every five minutes is probably a bad idea, right

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@CornishRepublicanArmy aww lulu ❤️
well actually this is going to be replacing mstdn-ebooks due to some issues with mastodon's new secure mode

@lynnesbian 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 THIS LOOKS SO FRIGGIN COOL

@skelltan misskey is another thing like mastodon and pleroma

and yeah they're all user simulating ones

@lynnesbian it looks awesome! It's modern but also definitely keeps the unique style of fediverse software

@lynnesbian the boxes having different widths feels a little weird
also fields with check boxes could be moved to the bottom and the checkbox part could be closer to the text

(there should also be an option for setting the post viewoptions (public, un listed, follower only))

@knuxify yeah the different widths is because css hard

moving the checkboxes to the bottom is a great idea, thanks!

and i can't believe i forgot post privacy settings, i'll add that now

re: Joke not to be taken as anything else 

@alexbuzzbee it's, um, a work in progress... by which i mean, it doesn't exactly exist yet

@lynnesbian slick design Lynne, I like those colours! What's the chat gonna be like? Will it use the same code as regular toot generation?

@Aleums yeah, basically you'll be able to send messages which the bot "responds to"

in reality the bot isn't listening to you, it just replies with something every time you send a message

should make for some funny screenshots though!

@lynnesbian I agree, just having a chat ui is enough. I wonder if you could make it feel more like dialogue by reading from mentions instead of regular posts? But that might be a lot of work for no noticeable difference.

@Aleums the bots will also do that, like the current mstdn-ebooks bots do uwu

+ A bot that makes entertaining word slurry basically
+ I always thought the random fake names were kinda ugly looking
+ I like graphic design a lot so a lot of the modern webapps just annoys me personally. A lot of pure white lights with basic Arial font with bonus points for corporate Memphis. No character, no culture or identity or style or showing of values, just boring Steve jobs garbage
+the big fluffy ones that are like as big as great Danes

@SunSaint hmm, i could have an option so fake mentions look like @bob instead of @bob@site.com


- I want randomly generated posts using a specific source.
- Occasionally they can be a bit too nonsensical here and there, and adjusting their frequency can be a bit weh. Also wish I could customize 'em more easily
- Honestly dunno. Some ideas I have are a poll to adjust posting rates, or using the time delay between posts to think of a better AI-related solution other than Markov Chains
- honestly the UI, that's basically it tbh
- lynne

@calm also having something better than markov chain text generation would be great, but i don't know of any other options besides machine learning, which isn't really feasible

@lynnesbian i want the bot to tell me it loves me and I want to believe it is being sincere.

@lynnesbian I want the bot to feel existential despair. y’know, to take up some of the slack.

@lynnesbian idea: have it auto stagger so we don't have The Botting Hour

@zoe hmm but then it's not exactly once per hour

and things like once per 55 minutes will get messy ;u;

@lynnesbian no i mean like
have them post every hour, but not on the hour

@zoe ohhhh

so if you created your bot at 4:13 it posts every 13 minutes past the hour or something

@lynnesbian ye! but instead of "when it's created", maybe uniformly staggeActually I just realized that'd be eons of pain, ignore me

@lynnesbian @zoe pick a random minute at creation (as you are supposed to with cronjobs) prooobably?

@halcy @zoe but then what do i do when people want their bot to post every 55 minutes ;-;


Maybe you could look into what systemd timers do with AccuracySec and RandomizedDelaySec? It's all in systemd.timer(5)
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