imagine if real life had background music and you're just stuck listening to your city's theme music on an endless loop every day

@lynnesbian I hear hell is looking for an architect, I think you should apply


i already have to stand around in one spot and tell every new person arriving in town "oh, ho! welcome to Portland. go see THE MAYOR. he's been waiting for you!"


i mean, i guess i don't have to. i just like fucking with the mayor by sending a stream of tourists to his office. some music would probably be nice to go with that. :blobuwu:

@Quixote171 @lynnesbian

nah it's a yuppie that once summited Mt. Everest (which is a huge red flag) and honestly seems to hate the job.

@jackdaw_ruiz @lynnesbian
waits for you at the edge of town "WELCOME TO THE COLONY" punches you in the face

@lynnesbian I'm pretty sure I'd be down for whatever Harlem would pick.

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