"The specification had provisions for reporting whether the floppy drive door was open, but IBM didn’t implement that part of the specification because it saved them a NAND gate."

"Mark Zbikowski led the MS-DOS 2.0 project, and he sat down with a stopwatch while Aaron Reynolds and Chris Peters tried to swap floppy disks on an IBM PC as fast as they could.

They couldn’t do it under two seconds.

So the MS-DOS cache validity was set to two seconds."

@lynnesbian lol. They linked another bad hardware example in that and it's so deliciously bad.

Saving 25 cents to ignore a part of the CD-ROM controller card specification only to have to spend way more in support later on because of how it fucks up the OS' drive detection is so fucking awful. 😂🤣

@lynnesbian my partner only had macs growing up so I had to show her this picture— the “gate” they are talking about is this lever on the right hand side that holds the floppy disk in. she thought it was the fancy self closing door 3 1/4 drives had.

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