You are standing in /home/lynne. There are several paths here.

You are standing in /home/lynne/Downloads. It's a mess in here!

You observe the GPARTED-LIVE.ISO. It is a DISK IMAGE, comprising around 350 MEGABYTES of RAW DATA. It has been USED RECENTLY.

I don't know how to REMOVE.

With one well-placed blow, you delete the GPARTED-LIVE.ISO.
You have gained one point.


You hear a low voice booming in the distance. "Apt-get is for scripts! Use apt!"


You have died.

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i really need to stop giving myself ideas for games i'll never finish

time to see if inform 7 is available for linux :face_think_thonking:

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"This is for the most part a maintenance release of Inform, incorporating fixes for nearly 300 issues reported with the previous build"

that's a lot of fucking maintenance

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inform allows you to build some pretty flexible language parsers so i'll probably have to fight with it a little to intentionally recreate the shitty 80's text parser experience

...god damn it why am i considering this seriously

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list of games i have started developing and then abandoned:

. violet (don't ask)
. TI Quest (TI-BASIC version)
. TI Quest ( version)
. TI Quest (PHP version)
. TI Quest (löve2d version)
. polyquest
. super amy
. (soon) linux text adventure shitpost

i've made about 15 shitty meme macOS games (high school was boring) and 7 or so TI Basic games (again, high school was boring)

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Coach Z detected. Locking to prevent damage to critical systems.
Enter override password to continue.

@lynnesbian how about you start with Thy Dungeonman and work your way up

have a working prototype ASAP

@lynnesbian sometimes I'm very glad my employer does weekly maintenance releases

this is one of the reasons

nobody cares if you break things if they know they're getting fixed in a few days and they can just go down one version or ask for a patched DLL if they really need the fix sooner

@lynnesbian su -c "aptitute -R install xserver-xorg-video-intel" :blobcatsmug:

@lynnesbian @anathem maybe have a look at dungeonfs. A fuse implementation of text based adventures 😁

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