dont worry everyone i got my 2015 high school snakes and ladders assignment to compile i know you were all very concerned about it but its workign

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so uh if you think 2019 lynne makes bad programs

this was 2015 lynne's assignment for IPT

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i got the "whoops" and "yippee" clips from an AVGN episode about bad bible games

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why did i subtitle it "the newest snake game"? the world may never know

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@lynnesbian i think my favorite part is the progress bars for scores

@lynnesbian if I was better at wine I would totally try to prove you wrong

@lynnesbian my school offered it accelerated so I did it 2012-13 and then did SDD 2014-2015 which was a massive loophole because they’re nearly the same course on theory and me and my friends could complete the programming assignments with our eyes closed. Was fun aside from yknow the whole trans & depression thing that year

@lynnesbian somewhere deep in my backups I have the assignments I did in PHP/MySQL instead of MS Access out of spite

@lynnesbian this reminds me of shovelware games people could buy on generically branded CD-ROMs in the '90s and '00s 😂

@lynnesbian this is great and if you didn't get 100% I will be very mad on your behalf

@lynnesbian fuck I didn't think this would have audio I'm in a meeting

@shadow8t4 hopefully you noticed from the w7 "ding" noise and not the marbleblast gold music

@lynnesbian you fucking better believe it was the music and I embarrassed myself

@lynnesbian haah waaw i should dig up the Bejeweled clone i made for my final advanced higher computing coursework in school, it's similarly Extra

@lynnesbian my favourite part is at the beginning when it says "now loading" and definitely just sleeps for a couple seconds because what could it possibly be loading

@monorail i wanted it to look cool and advanced like it was doing heavy processing

That was amazing. Are you releasing it as open source? This needs a Linux port.

@loke i guess i may as well release the source

even if it is really badly written visual basic made before the teacher had told us what an array was

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