on my phone, i have
- an adblocker in my browser
- a system wide ad blocker that works by routing requests to ad domains to local host
- another system wide ad blocker that works by intercepting app's internal calls to recognised ad APIs and returns nothing
- a modified version of youtube with ads removed

i still see ads :blobcatgoogly:

beginning to think that smartphones aren't so great

@andre at the end of the day nothing's stopping app devs from just distributing the ad images with their app over google play and displaying them without network connectivity

@lynnesbian use virtual vpn connection, it works like a firewall and you don't have to root your phone.

@caf ive already rooted my phone and done everything i can to get rid of ads

plus you can only have one VPN connection active at a time and i use zerotier one soo

@lynnesbian you need to work blocklist then. It is too narrow. My list is 3000 hosts. Hand-made list. You can use public lists but those are not perfect.

@caf blocklists don't work when the ads are in the APK itself ;3

@lynnesbian use lucky patcher first and then a good blocklist.

@caf lucky patcher requires manual repatching with every update and it's far from perfect

@lynnesbian hey, for me those works. Maybe in the future I don't need smartphones anymore or want technology because tech future does not look very good. We are living 100 years behind our true knowledge. (electric car and bike was made in 1930's but just now we get it)

@lynnesbian it is called smartphone because it makes user dummy.

@lynnesbian also check newpipe github player. Problems are gone.

@andre who would have thought that it'd be so hard to avoid ads on an operating system developed by a company that makes the vast majority of its revenue through ads

@lynnesbian hell it happens on iphones too im just surprised that the ads aren't surrounding the whole operating system


if you can still make a phone call without getting ads, i count that as a win.

@lynnesbian i saw an ad in vscode yday from an extension wanting me to buy the pro version :blobcatthinking:

@lynnesbian what are the middle two? that block ad request traffic and intercept API calls?

@lynnesbian thankk you!

two day eye learned

2️⃣ 🌅 👁️ 🎓

@lynnesbian oh!! what apps do you use?? I only have like AdAway and uBlock, (also NewPipe but detail), I've been annoyed by those ads in Instagram for ages now (I get an ad for the army -every- day, what de fuck)

@lynnesbian ah I don't have Xposed (not really,, planning to either cuz it's annoying), thanks tho~

@eater xposed is really good but i can't recommend it because of how google intentionally disables google pay if you use it

also nintendo apps will all mysteeeriously crash on devices with xposed but i'm sure it's just a coincidence

@lynnesbian I run LineageOS microg, has all the googly bits removed (and replaced with fake googly bits, so,, most things work. except nintendo games and google pay I expect)

microg is p cool, because you don't have to have a google account either to use your phone (which I don't)

@lynnesbian I just got a call from yet another company trying to sell me whatever and I feeeeeeeel ya so much.

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