.org just sold for over a billion USD to a private equity company and one of the co-founders is the ex senior VP of ICANN

in other words


they promised increases of no more than 10% per year so expect increases of at least 10% per year

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"Many of the current concerns about .org are premised on a presumption that prices will rise [...] Those concerns are understandable, but I would encourage people to look at what Ethos themselves have said"

don't worry guys the company pwomises to be good

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@lynnesbian Why are corporate raiders still allowed to exist??

@lynnesbian in retrospect, perhaps we should provide more robust questioning to press conferences delivered in a maniacal cackle from the center of a wading pool full of $100 bills

@lynnesbian "We believe in all these things. We just don't like how the current administration is doing them. Just hand them over to us."

@lynnesbian prices will only go up by 259% in the first 10 years and 673% in the first 20

@lynnesbian you can't say "just", that's not how compound interest works :))

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