i woke up to ten notifications in a row on my xbox one, most of them saying "upload complete" but a few saying "upload failed"

and there's no way to know which ones failed apart from comparing the thumbnails of the ones that ended up on onedrive to the ones on the xbox

im so fucking sick of this shit

this would be so much easier if
a) the xbox told me which ones failed
b) the onedrive thumbnails matched the xbox one
c) you could view the filenames on the xbox

but none of those things are true because microsoft

do i
- upload these three clips now and make the internet unusable for half an hour
- upload them using my phone's 4G and use up some of the precious data i'll need to survive while i'm visiting my internetless grandma for christmas


actually you know what my data usage resets on the 15th so its data time

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i'm choosing to believe that the only reason you can't copy game recordings to a USB is because windows 10 doesn't support copying files

i like how when you batch download files from onedrive it doesn't specify the content size so firefox just says "unknown time remaining, 5MB out of ??? downloaded"

@lynnesbian this is a common misconception, windows supports file copy just fine but NTFS doesn't

@00dani that is something i actually do like :blobbun:

i also like how dani is a cute pone

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