be mindful of your language, here are some PC (patriotically correct) terms to replace outdated and offensive ones:

❌ installed a dictatorship ✅ liberated a nation from communist influence
❌ anti-union ✅ pro-consumer
❌ queerphobic ✅ expression of religious liberty
❌ genocide of the natives ✅ agreement to share land
❌ corporate discrimination against minorities ✅ freedom of speech
❌ racist slurs ✅ freedom of speech
❌ refusing to serve gay people ✅ freedom of speech
❌ refusing to serve straight people ✅ violation of free speech
❌ concentration camps ✅ summer camps


i have no joke here, i just like saying "it's easy, just run the dictatorship installation wizard."

@lynnesbian fuck i actually made the 😬 face seeing the pic in that link

@lynnesbian @carcinopithecus
huh woulda guessed canadian with first nations and the area shown

regardless 😬

@catoutofbed @carcinopithecus maybe it was canadian then? i think it was produced in canada and distributed in canada and the US, not sure though

@lynnesbian @catoutofbed could be either

thinking back on it i think we received something with similar wording in grade school

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