there are three ways to buy the persona 5 soundtrack on australia:
- amazon, where it is over $70
- ebay, where it is over $60
- itunes, where it is $30 but it's itunes

at least itunes doesn't have DRM

but they only offer a very select amount of tracks in lossless (and it's ALAC not FLAC because apple), and even then you can't actually download or even buy the album without the itunes app, which shockingly does not have a linux version

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wait does itunes not actually offer lossless music

i thought there was a big deal about them having a lossless beatles album or something but when looking up lossless music on itunes all i can find is threads asking when it'll be supported

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okay so itunes doesn't offer lossless at all

i know i can't hear the difference between lossless and their 256kbps AACs but

- converting lossy to lossy is a bad idea
- it's a worse version of something i really want
- if itunes can offer HD movie rentals that only last for 48 hours surely they can spare some bandwidth for ALAC music
- its the principle of the thing g-d dang it

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