you've heard of case insensitive filesystems, now get ready for alphabet insensitive filesystems

not only are a and A the same, but so are あ, ア, α, and even א

@lynnesbian starting text with hebrew characters even after a user mention flips text to the other side?

Good to know. :blobowo:

@marie_joseph sometimes a and あ conflict, sometimes they don't, it all depends on pronunciation

@lynnesbian it occurs to me that theoretically a voice-controlled computer might find such a filesystem useful

Next step: number insensitive filesystems, where 0 and 1 are the same.

@lynnesbian To think they laughed at me at the IEEE when I proposed an emoji-only filesystem

@lynnesbian still holding out hope for an emotionally sensitive filesystem

obliquely implied humorous fictional death 

@friskywhiskers @lynnesbian meanwhile in the emotionally insensitive file system:
> ls ~/photos/lastTripBeforeGrandmaDied
{directory deleted to make room for cache of ~/backups/porn/}

@lynnesbian oh no that is problematic since א can be a, e, i, o, or u

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