there's nothing really stopping anyone from murdering you, the laws only matter to good people who follow them so you shouldn't bother with anti-murder laws

if you didn't wanna get murdered you shouldn't have gone out in a public place :/

@lynnesbian one of my friends deadass had this dumb "if you don't want your stuff to get scraped don't post it publicly" take and I was about to go bitch at them for it

@luna @lynnesbian my take was worded shitilly but I meant that the software should do more to help prevent this if people don't want it, not people shouldn't post publicly.

The thing about murder is that people notice once it's been committed. With scraping, it's a lot harder to even realise its happening to start investigating who did it.

@lynnesbian I was asking for it by wearing thin clothing that provided easy access to my vital organs.

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