imagine if movies functioned like video games

the star wars servers are down so i can't watch a new hope
betamax emulation is hard and players are incredibly rare, many betamax exclusive movies are unwatchable nowadays
the blu-ray release of the godfather trilogy only includes the first movie on the disc, the other two are provided through download codes
newer DVD players are incompatible with the DRM used in most disney movies and can't play them anymore
the latest patch made the movie unwatchable because it cuts to black at the 40 minute mark with no way to restore it
all releases of baby driver after 2030 use different music because the licenses expired
4K blu-ray players can only play a select few hundred original blu-ray releases, and there are often issues
the gold edition of infinity war gives thanos a sweet pair of aviators

@lynnesbian There's an exclusive scene on the Amazon Prime version of Titanic that explains why Rose couldn't fit Jack on the raft, but it's US only


can't wait for the next "Cats" patch. maybe it'll make the film less nightmare fuel.

@lynnesbian I keep a Paramount film player around for watching stuff like the Godfather, and an MGM film player around for watching 2001.

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