has the australian government ever provided anything more useful than the official ACB ratings generator? i think not

i've seen a lot of weird ACB ratings but i can't decide which is my favourite, coraline's "menacing themes and scary scenes" or the time i saw a movie rated MA for "strong bloody violence"

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anyway if you wanna fuck around with this thing yourself

here's the exe: cloud.lynnesbian.space/s/pX4fQ
and here's the SWF file dumped from the exe so you can run it on other operating systems if you have flash installed: cloud.lynnesbian.space/s/wtoQe

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@lynnesbian hmm. wonder how hard it'd be to dump the assets and make this a web thing so flash never has to be involved

@lynnesbian fair but counterpoint that would probably be real hard to fix so we might not, except to align from top instead of center so the text can spill out the bottom for the bit

@alexis @lynnesbian what if the whole rating badge thingy just got Taller :blobcatthinking:

@alexis @lynnesbian oh! acb ratings can have little a font size, as a treat?

@alexis that's true

if you export the images with text too long they come out,, broken

@Frinkeldoodle oh boo no

also if you choose to export as a poster it comes out in much better quality

@lynnesbian why is this an executable?? wtf

why isn't it just, like, a webpage. with a very small amount of js, and you ignore the js and inspect element to change the text because fuck js.

but, no, it's a swf?? that got hidden inside an exe??? what the actual fuck

@moonbolt it was made in 2011, back when flash was still pretty popular

and it's an exe because double clicking an exe is easier than installing the desktop flash player and running it

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